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Welcome to the official home of the

History of Renville County North Dakota

Welcome to our web site. This site contains about everything you want to know about Renville County North Dakota. The information is comprised of information collected by the Renville County Old Settlers Association. All of the information in this web site is owned by the association.

The site is comprised of two main parts; the history of Renville County North Dakota from about 1885 to 1976 and the updated histories from 1976 to the present. Both of these sections can be reached by clicking on the links at the left.

The Renville County Old Settlers Association has written and copyrighted a book called The History of Renville County. This book contains 850 page of the history of the towns and the early settlers of Renville County. The book has been recreated in Adobe .pdf form and is available for viewing on this website. This is copyrighted material so it is a federal offense to copy, save or reproduce any part of this book. You can read more about the copyright notice here.

The electronic version of this book will be available soon from this web site for a fee. All proceeds will go to the Renville County Old Settlers Association.

Want to update your history? Write up your history and get your pictures together and email them to any of these three people:

Bruce Nelson (at ComOptions)

Pat Mayer

Dale Haarsager (Boots)

We will be working on getting all of the updates on this site free of charge to all residents of Renville County, both living here and moved away. More to come soon.

Only updates by email will be accepted.

You DO NOT need to be from Renville County to add your history to this site.

No attempt has been made by the publishers to edit the history of the families, but rather let the contents by expressed by the writers themselves, some of which were written many years ago.


This website will require Adobe Acrobat Reader.




If you have something you want to add to your history please see this notice!

Please see our NEWS page for all current information.


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